Access Systems

We have many years’ experience in the installation and maintenance of door entry & electronic security equipment on various types of property, from small residential home projects to large multi-entrance fully integrated systems. Our door entry systems are designed by us for you. With your needs and requirements understood we can provide door entry systems that are both secure and convenient.

Access control systems can be a bit of a minefield with a huge choice of technologies available, from simple keypad locks to pc based fingerprint biometric access control systems.

We will discuss the various technologies available with you to ensure we specify the right system for your needs. Some of the systems we offer are:

Digital Keypads

Internal & external keypads are a simple and effective means of controlling access, with simple step by step instructions provided to change user codes to maintain security.

Card Swipe & Proximity Access Control

We install a variety of stand-alone or pc based swipe card and proximity access control systems. Proximity systems allow users to simply present their card or keyfob to a reader to gain access.

Intercom/Door Entry Systems

We install a wide range of intercom systems from a simple one button audio intercom through to multi-door video intercom systems. We often integrate intercom systems with other access control systems to provide controlled access solutions for both visitors and staff or residents.

Biometric Access Control Systems

There are many Biometric Access Control systems available, including fingerprint, palm or hand, iris, facial recognition and vein. At STF Solutions Ltd we recognise the importance of installing Biometric systems that are quick and simple to use yet highly effective. Based on this, we have decided to concentrate our Biometric efforts on biometric fingerprint reader technology only.

Access Systems

Access Systems

Access Systems