Analitical Intelligent CCTV Systems

Traditional forms of detection such as PIR’s or beam detectors pick up ALL movement within the scene of an image, therefore they create many false alarms. Our analytics can be programmed to detect People or Vehicles ONLY. The system will reduce the number of false alarm reactive call outs from a key holder by displaying ONLY authentic causes of activation.

The system in the following clip shows that the vehicle is ignored and a red box highlights and tracks the person through the scene even when the person behind the trailer cannot be seen completely.

The Smart Wire analytics feature works by a virtual line drawn on the image to identify when a person enters a restricted zone from a specific direction. An alert is ONLY created when a person’s feet actually crosses the virtual line.

This next clip shows the detection of a person jumping the fence with different levels of priority in different zones (Fence- Platform-Tracks). A red box highlights the person and a description of the activation appears.

With this system, even low light levels and night time poor images can be analysed for movement.

Notice in this next clip that the passing cars are not tracked as these movements are analysed as normal.

Our system also has a Smart Monitor facility to detect objects left or removed from a scene.


Images are then transmitted to a central station where the images are received with a red box highlighting the cause of the activation. This results in a huge reduction in false alarms and site attendance rates.

TWC Transaction without Customer

This system is also used in super markets to display an alert when the till (POS) drawer has been opened by a cashier when there is no customers in the checkout area.

These are just some of the many features offered by our Analytics System, for more information or a demonstration please contact us for further details.