Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

STF Solutions Ltd can provide a professional CCTV design, installation and maintenance service. Our company installs the latest CCTV systems and equipment for all types of businesses however large or small.

Types of CCTV Systems...

Standard CCTV systems.

Simply, this means a video signal cable and power cable from each camera with the video signal cable wired direct to the Digital Video Recorder. Normally this would consist of analogue cameras but now with advances in technology full 1080p high definition cameras deliver the highest resolution pictures over standard coaxial video cable.

Network (or IP) CCTV systems.

These CCTV cameras work just like any device attached to a LAN network such as a router or work station. This results in less cabling and being able to power the CCTV cameras down the cable (POE-Power over Ethernet) or via standard power supplies as with standard systems with the relevant viewing software installed to the preferred computer/server.

Remote Viewing.

With most standard and all network systems you can watch live CCTV over the Internet on your laptop or IPhone, IPad or Blackberry etc.