Dry Risers & Hydrants

STF Solutions Ltd provides a full range of scheduled maintenance and testing to wet and dry rising fire mains and fire hydrants.

Rising Mains Installation Application

Dry and wet rising mains are intended for use by the Fire Brigade or other trained personnel, enabling the rapid employment of water to help fight fire in a building. Dry risers are 'uncharged' rising mains with outlet valves on each floor (typically located in convenient positions, like stair-case enclosures, for example) and an inlet valve external to and/or beneath the ground floor, so that the Fire Brigade can readily connect into the water supply. A wet riser is permanently charged with water.

Inspection / Maintenance

Dry and wet risers, as well as underground hydrants, require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they will work in an emergency. We have a purpose-built dry riser testing unit, with its own 100 gallon tank.

Our skilled technicians can carry out the annual wet test of dry risers, and provide a 6-monthly mechanical inspection; to ensure that dry risers on multi-storey sites are in perfect working order, should the fire brigade need to use them.

Safe and Secure Testing

We provide our own water from the on-board 100 gallon tank, thereby reducing the requirement for numerous lengths of hazardous lay-flat hose.

Upon arrival to site our technicians will cordon off the area, making it safe and will mechanically inspect the system. When this preparation is complete the system is filled and pressurised to the current standard. Once we are satisfied that there are no leaks on each floor, our findings are recorded; so that we can send a full listing along with the certificate.

Environmentally Friendly

When a test is complete, our unique facility means that we are able to drain the water back into our tank - so that it can be re-used on the next riser test and not wasted.

Dry Riser