Fire Suppression Systems

STF Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of suppression systems to suit all requirements. Here are examples of the type of suppression systems we can offer providing a full comprehensive service from design, installation and maintenance including refills and Hytrostatic DTR testing, complying with all the relevant standards and regulations.

Inert gases
No mixing, no agent breakdown, low cost refills and a genuine green alternative.

Suitable for switch rooms, non sealed point suppression, electrical equipment and flammable liquids.

Water mist
For low installation and maintenance cost. Can be used to extinguish paper, plastics and other class A solid fuels. In addition new advances in water mist nozzle technology permit this type of suppression agent to be utilized in areas where once only suppression gases could be used.

Restaurant Cooker Hood Suppression Systems
STF Solutions Ltd are a certified Amerex installation & maintenance company. We can design, install and maintain a range of Cooker Hood Suppression systems to suit your needs.